Our Story So Far…

Ballerina & Me® is a business genuinely created out of love. It’s a toy story … and a family story … and a love story: the birth of a child life-sized, strap-on dancing doll bursting with character and little girl charm.

When Rini’s young ballet-loving daughter Louise asked for a dancing partner, her brothers Edwin and Dylan suggested a ballerina doll. Rini responded by creating one. Then another. Then another. Each an improvement on the first. Louise was thrilled to have not just a dancing partner, but also a play companion of her own. A her-size, anytime, special someone for role plays, dress-ups and togetherness.

Rini was compelled to share the love with other little girls. She engaged a professional designer to help translate her ideas into a production design, located a quality manufacturer and Ballerina & Me® was born. Rini researched and learned everything she could about the toy industry. She pursued international trademarks and compliance with strict European and Australian Toy Safety Standards and used word-of-mouth, local markets, social media and online platforms to attract customers and build sales.

The uptake has been magical. Ballerina & Me® doll is lifting the hearts of a legion of little girls, and now she’s ready to take on the world. And we at Ballerina & Me® are ready, too. We’ve added to our range and have new designs in the pipeline to bring joy to boys and girls of all ages.

We’re based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia and reaching out to touch the lives of children around the globe.

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